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About Us

Digital Forensics Corp is your trusted partner for professional, thorough and timely handling of digital evidence.

With over a decade of experience in digital data recovery, DFC provides expert digital forensics consulting and services for legal professionals, as well as corporations, governments and Private Investigators (PI).

Digital Forensics Corp. can handle all the digital components of your evidence gathering, discovery and production, so your firm can focus on the case essentials and achieve your client objectives.

Our state-of-the-art clean rooms and leading-edge forensic software ensure that your vital evidence is preserved properly, in accordance with the latest regulations and presented in a form that is compliant with recent case law

Digital Forensics Corp. delivers expert-drafted and persuasive forensic reports to support your cases and ensure your credibility with opposing counsel, judges and juries.

As the world moves away from paper records, ESI. is increasingly central to winning any case. By partnering with Digital Forensics, your firm can ensure that you have the evidence and analysis you need to prepare the most effective cases and meet your clients' objectives.

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