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Expert Testimony

One of the most important aspects of a good Digital Forensic case is the ability for the evidence to hold up in court. This often hinges on the quality of the expert witness in the case. At FileRetrieval, our Digital Forensic specialists are specifically trained to be ready to function as an Expert Witness.

Benefits of a Digital Forensic Expert Witness:

  • Able to explain facts in an accurate, clear way that the judge and/or jury understands
    Don't assume that someone, no matter how intelligent and articulate they may be, who does not understand the intricacies of Digital Forensic Recovery can suitably explain your evidence. Technical jargon can be both under or over utilized, leading to your evidencing being undermined before it is even truly considered. An expert witness will offer you the simplest explanation of your evidence that is suitable for your case, ensuring that the expert testimony enhances your evidence.
  • Able to find errors in your opposition's testimony or evidence
    The best Digital Forensic experts can not only support your case, but they can help you find errors in your opposition's use of digital evidence. This could even lead to your opposition's digital evidence being thrown out.
  • Ensures questions (especially from opposing counsel) are limited to a given area
    A good expert witness will ensure that the judge and/or jury's attention is kept focused on what's important: the evidence. Many lawyers will attempt to ask questions that are outside an expert witness's area of expertise in an attempt to cast doubt on the witness, and therefore on the evidence. A good expert witness will clearly stay on track by outlining his or her area of expertise and explaining that a given question is outside of his or her area of expertise.
  • Ensures that incorrect conclusions are not drawn
    While it may be possible for council to provide the judge and/or jury with evidence in a satisfactory manner, the opposing council will, inevitably, attempt to cast doubt on the validity of this evidence. Using an expert witness when presenting technical evidence allows you the benefit of that witness's knowledge. It is much more likely that an expert witness will be able to spot and correct small errors in logic or understanding that can lead to large holes in the evidence and correct these errors before they discredit your evidence than it is for a layman to see these errors or be able to correct them.

If you are using digital evidence in your court case, we b recommend you consider using an expert witness to ensure that your evidence has the impact you are looking for. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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