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Rosemont's Go-To Experts When Evidence Goes Digital

How can a DFC Help Me?

If you need digital evidence, you’re in the right place.

Do you think your spouse or significant other is cheating on you, but you just can’t find the evidence? Is your teenager lying to you about where he or she goes and what they do, but you can’t catch them in the act? Do you think an employee is trying to steal your intellectual property or is selling trade secrets? Is your business losing money and you think your partner is stealing it?

Monitoring electronic communication and behavior can give you the answers you are looking for.

What do we investigate?

  • Website/Browsing history
  • Frequency or duration of website visits
  • Internet connections made
  • Chat conversations
  • Email activites
  • Duration of Program Use
  • Files viewed
  • Screenshots of live computer usage
  • GPS locations
  • Social Media Data
  • And Much More!

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Computer Security Service Rosemont For Corporations & Businesses

Digital Evidence Specialists

Specializing in Commercial Law & Litigation, Insolvency & Fraud

Whether it is dealing with disgruntled employees, theft of trade secrets or stolen intellectual property, companies turn to Digital Forensics Corp to investigate the digital activities of their employees, vendors and competitors.

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Practice Areas

  • Ligitation
  • Law Enforcement Support
  • Education
  • Information Security
  • Forensics
  • Discovery
  • Corporate Sabotage

Our Specialties

  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Disgruntled Employees
  • Lawsuits
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Evidence of Company policy violations
  • Abuse of IT Infrastructure & Services
  • Documenting Compliance with State or Federal regulations

Does your legal case depend on electronic evidence? We can help

Practice Areas

DFC provides attorneys with a wide variety of computer forensics services, such as electronic discovery, data acquisition, data recovery and evidence gathering. Each client has different needs and each case is unique. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions about how we may assist you.

DFC is experienced in identifying, recovering, and analyzing digital evidence to prove what happened, when it happened, how it happened and who was involved.

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What can DFC do for you?

  • Expert Consulting and Best Practices
  • Cost efficient handling of digital evidence
  • Culling and reduction of high-volume data sets
  • Quality acquisition of data and processing
  • Fast turn-around times including emergency 24-hour services
  • Customized relationships to suit your firm’s workflow and preferences
  • Professionally documented and certified Forensic Reports

Why Attorneys Choose DFC?


Be a 21st Century PI Go Digital

We Can Help You!

With the massive expansion of digital devices in our lives, a modern private investigator must add to his resources the ability to follow a digital trail and analyze digital “footprints.” Indeed, having such capabilities may determine how well you can serve your clients.

Digital Forensics Corp can help you successfully find, follow and document the digital trail of your subjects.

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We Buy Your Dead Leads


Why PI'S Choose DFC?


Leading Digital Evidence, Cyber Security, and Computer Forensics Services in Rosemont, IL

For private individuals, local businesses, government departments and local law enforcement agencies in Rosemont, a village in Cook County, Illinois, Digital Forensics Corp. has become the ideal company to handle all their data. This comes in wake of the increasing demand for professional data management and data processing service providers in the region, as the city’s population continues to grow exponentially.

Digital Forensics Corp. has the advantage that it has local offices situated right in the center of the city, giving easy access for urgent cases requiring immediate attention.

DFC has come a long way. The company was founded in 1988 by Michael G. for the primary purpose of assisting its clients deal with cases involving and requiring digital data research, data processing, the preparation of forensic reports, expert witness testimony in courts of law and settlement procedures. Since then, the company has gained valuable experience in the field, assisting thousands of clients from across all industrial and social sectors in solving many different kinds of cases.

Our data specialists are government-certified engineers who are not only highly qualified, but also periodically undergo additional training and examination. These work in the modern laboratory at our DFC – Rosemont office, and utilize high-tech sophisticated equipment and high-end updated software.

Our data recovery and data management processes are guaranteed to be safe, confidential, fast, complete and affordable.

Our DFC – Rosemont Customer Services Department is ready to work with you. Even before you decide to collaborate with us, we offer you a full consultation to get you acquainted with the whole process and the particular individual stages.

digitalforensicscorp reviews RosemontCustomer Reviews

Average Rating: 5
Total: 6 Review(s)

This service was rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 6 review(s)

  • "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Rosemont, Illinois"

    Reviewed on May 27 2016

    Awesome!!!!!!! It was a theory class where we had to take videos using attending behavior and I was the one in charge to keep the video safe so that it would be presented to the class and the professor. It took me hours as I tried and tried and I could not find it. It was just two days to the presentation and I was bothered about how to recover it and there they were to help me. Data Forensics Corporation helped me to get the information and all...

    Authenticated Rosemont, IL

    "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Rosemont, Illinois"

    Reviewed on May 27 2016

    Thank you guys for your reliable service! My laptop had dropped from a balcony, several floors up and it couldn’t power on. It really hit the ground hard that most internal parts were shattered beyond any hope of restoration. My main concern was if I could ever access all my academic information and our company’s details that had been stored on the laptop’s hard disk! Luckily, the experienced technicians at Digital forensics ...

    Authenticated Rosemont, IL
  • "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Rosemont, Illinois"

    Reviewed on May 27 2016

    Forensics did a great job assisting my family and I through the process of recovering very valuable data lost in an accidental hard drive erasure. They was responsive and worked consistently over time to get the data back to us and the transaction finalized in a timely manner. Highly satisfied with his professionalism and caring approach - thank you!...

    Authenticated Rosemont, IL

    "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Rosemont, Illinois"

    Reviewed on May 27 2016

    Cool place of business they helped me out tremendously and they have some really good deals here...

    Authenticated Rosemont, IL
  • "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Rosemont, Illinois"

    Reviewed on May 27 2016

    Great company very friendly staff and they also have some really nice prices and good deals going in right now...

    Authenticated Rosemont, IL

    "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Rosemont, "

    Reviewed on Jul 6 2016

    I hired Digital Forensic Corporation off of a recommendation from a friend while I was going through a nasty divorce. I knew my spouse was cheating on me but he covered up his digital trail extremely well and I was unable to find and produce any proof. I called them up and they advised me about what they would need. I brought them him computer and an old cell phone which I had thought were wiped clean but I was wrong. They found a whole slew of e...

    Authenticated Rosemont,

Forensics Certifications

Certified Forensics Examiner
Cellebrite certification
Intella Email Investigations
Access Data Certified Examiner
Access Mobile Examiner
CEH certified ethical hacker
Digium certification
Belkasoft Digital Evidence examiner
mathworks image processing
gsa certification
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