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Tarrytown's Go-To Experts When Evidence Goes Digital

How can a DFC Help Me?

If you need digital evidence, you’re in the right place.

Do you think your spouse or significant other is cheating on you, but you just can’t find the evidence? Is your teenager lying to you about where he or she goes and what they do, but you can’t catch them in the act? Do you think an employee is trying to steal your intellectual property or is selling trade secrets? Is your business losing money and you think your partner is stealing it?

Monitoring electronic communication and behavior can give you the answers you are looking for.

What do we investigate?

  • Website/Browsing history
  • Frequency or duration of website visits
  • Internet connections made
  • Chat conversations
  • Email activites
  • Duration of Program Use
  • Files viewed
  • Screenshots of live computer usage
  • GPS locations
  • Social Media Data
  • And Much More!

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Computer Security Service Tarrytown For Corporations & Businesses

Digital Evidence Specialists

Specializing in Commercial Law & Litigation, Insolvency & Fraud

Whether it is dealing with disgruntled employees, theft of trade secrets or stolen intellectual property, companies turn to Digital Forensics Corp to investigate the digital activities of their employees, vendors and competitors.

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Practice Areas

  • Ligitation
  • Law Enforcement Support
  • Education
  • Information Security
  • Forensics
  • Discovery
  • Corporate Sabotage

Our Specialties

  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Disgruntled Employees
  • Lawsuits
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Evidence of Company policy violations
  • Abuse of IT Infrastructure & Services
  • Documenting Compliance with State or Federal regulations

Does your legal case depend on electronic evidence? We can help

Practice Areas

DFC provides attorneys with a wide variety of computer forensics services, such as electronic discovery, data acquisition, data recovery and evidence gathering. Each client has different needs and each case is unique. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions about how we may assist you.

DFC is experienced in identifying, recovering, and analyzing digital evidence to prove what happened, when it happened, how it happened and who was involved.

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What can DFC do for you?

  • Expert Consulting and Best Practices
  • Cost efficient handling of digital evidence
  • Culling and reduction of high-volume data sets
  • Quality acquisition of data and processing
  • Fast turn-around times including emergency 24-hour services
  • Customized relationships to suit your firm’s workflow and preferences
  • Professionally documented and certified Forensic Reports

Why Attorneys Choose DFC?


Be a 21st Century PI Go Digital

We Can Help You!

With the massive expansion of digital devices in our lives, a modern private investigator must add to his resources the ability to follow a digital trail and analyze digital “footprints.” Indeed, having such capabilities may determine how well you can serve your clients.

Digital Forensics Corp can help you successfully find, follow and document the digital trail of your subjects.

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We Buy Your Dead Leads


Why PI'S Choose DFC?


Leading Digital Evidence, Cyber Security, and Computer Forensics Services in Tarrytown, NY

Tarrytown is a village located in Greenburgh, Westchester County, New York, United States. At the 2010 census, its population was estimated at 11,277.

Digital Forensics Corp is an integral part of everyday business in Tarrytown. This is because it is the go-to place in cases when companies are faced with issues relating to protecting the integrity of their brands and company names, trade secrets and private data and, if they need assistance in data mining, assist in data acquisition and preservation. We are the Tarrytown one-stop-shop for this and much more.

DFC experts have many years of experience retrieving data from all kinds of digital sources and storing it safely in the desired format. We have a number of preferred attorneys across Tarrytown who are well equipped with all the information and knowhow they require in representing a client in court cases involving intellectual property rights, trade secret violations, data outsourcing and many others. Our examiners have the capacity to carefully analyze the validity of data for presenting it as evidence in courts of law. They are also well trained, and have experience in testifying accurately and effectively during hostile cross-examinations that may potentially damage the client’s reputation.

We are ready to work with both private individuals and corporates in making sure that their business is secure once more.

digitalforensicscorp reviews TarrytownCustomer Reviews

Average Rating: 5
Total: 6 Review(s)

This service was rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 6 review(s)

  • "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Tarrytown, New York"

    Reviewed on Jul 4 2016

    Thanks a lot to Digital Forensics Corporation for helping me to disinfect my PC from Trojan viruses. I was having a tough time working on my system because of this pest. They worked very professionally and diligently and resolved the issue within the time committed. Very well done Digital Forensics Corporation and I will surely recommend them to others....

    Authenticated Tarrytown, NY

    "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Tarrytown, "

    Reviewed on Jul 6 2016

    I hired Digital Forensic Corporation off of a recommendation from a friend while I was going through a nasty divorce. I knew my spouse was cheating on me but he covered up his digital trail extremely well and I was unable to find and produce any proof. I called them up and they advised me about what they would need. I brought them him computer and an old cell phone which I had thought were wiped clean but I was wrong. They found a whole slew of e...

    Authenticated Tarrytown,
  • "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Tarrytown, "

    Reviewed on Jul 6 2016

    I had no back up when my hard drive crashed. (It was still on my list of things to do.) But my go-to IT guy at work had some equipment at home and he offered to try to rescue my hard drive. But that didn't work. Then he asked his best friend/go-to IT guy to give it a try. But that didn't work either. So I tried Digital Forensics Corporation and they got everything back! I'm so happy they were able to retrieve all my info. You never know what you ...

    Authenticated Tarrytown,

    "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Tarrytown, "

    Reviewed on Jul 6 2016

    My hard drive died in my desktop pc - the disks would not spin and I couldn't recover the data on it (tons of ebooks, mp3s, and pictures). I did a search online, found Digital Forensics Corporation,, input my information, and got a call from them within 3 minutes of that online input. I sent them the hard drive, at their expense, they found that they could recover the data, put it on an external hard drive, and sent it back to me. The cost was re...

    Authenticated Tarrytown,
  • "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Tarrytown, "

    Reviewed on Jul 6 2016

    All the tech's were great. When we first spoke it felt like I already knew them. Great communication about what to expect and progress of recovery. Received all my info on a flash drive. All I had to do was plug it in to my computer and my info was available. Saying "Great job everyone" is not enough. How about Outstanding Job Everyone. Thanks....

    Authenticated Tarrytown,

    "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Tarrytown, "

    Reviewed on Jul 6 2016

    Digital Forensics Corporation saved the day. I shipped them my device (an mp3 recorder) at no charge for evaluation. Within a few days I had all of my data on a portable drive. All very easy to work with. The price was a bit higher than I would have thought - but well worth it. All very professional and straightforward. I hope not to need to, of course, but I would absolutely go back to Digital Forensics Corporation again in the future....

    Authenticated Tarrytown,

Forensics Certifications

Certified Forensics Examiner
Cellebrite certification
Intella Email Investigations
Access Data Certified Examiner
Access Mobile Examiner
CEH certified ethical hacker
Digium certification
Belkasoft Digital Evidence examiner
mathworks image processing
gsa certification
Windows Prefetch Analysis

Windows Prefetch Analysis

The topic of data stored in the Prefetch trace files was discussed very little. James Habben decided in his article to add just a little more to the type of information that we can extract from one of these trace files.   The file format of Prefetch trace files has changed a bit over the years. The information that James wri...


Linux Machine – Intrusion Discovery

Linux Machine – Intrusion Discovery

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Jimmy Weg's site

Jimmy Weg's site

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